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ZAO Vitebskagroprodukt (Closed Joint Stock Company) is one amid major and efficient manufacturers of agricultural goods in the Republic of Belarus. The company was established by the Decision of the Constituent Meeting as of December 27, 1996 and hereafter expanded several times, by building up new branches and production areas which are engaged in various types of production and agricultural activities, the detail data concerning each of them one is poised to find in the section Scope of activity.

Hog breeding is the main line of work of the company Vitebskagroprodukt. The company Vitebskagroprodukt is an early adopter in breeding artificial insemination in Belarus. In 2004, the first station in the Republic was established, which has made serious progress in breeding and improving the hog meat quality in this interval of time. In 2011, the company Vitebskagroprodukt established a breeding farm that is engaged in purebred lines breeding of Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc, Petren – the breeds of Danish and French selections.

Since 2001, the company has been forming close business relationship with the Hungarian company Agrofeed LTD, which manufactures premixes, blends, AVMA and feed. To a great extent enlisting the aid of the professional staff of this amicable company, who have individually developed the premixes recipes for various age-grades of animals, the feed stuff plant of the company Vitebskagroprodukt, which is located at the Lepelsky Branch, produces at about 20 varieties of feed stuff for various types of animals and poultry. This includes the development of fine recipes. The company has a latter-day laboratory that monitors the quality of incoming raw materials and finished feed stuff.

The multi-faceted activities of the company Vitebskagroprodukt also include the grow of crops, supply of the enterprises within the holding with veterinary drugs, vaccines, grain, protein raw materials, soy and rapeseed oil. Many of these products are also highly-demanded on the market.

The company Vitebskagroprodukt ensures the country's food security and makes a significant contribution to the country's economy by meeting the needs of the Belarusians in high-quality food products.

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